Feasibility study on fish farming In Nigeria

Feasibility study on fish farming in Nigeria – The dealings on different on types of fishes mostly the catfish that is obtainable and available, the table seize, fingerlings, juvenile, and furthermore the fish floating.

Feed machine are in stocks that makes some seize of feeds, like fish feeding from 1.2mm to 6mm, poultry feed, pig feed, feasibility study services, fish feed formulation and perform on all agro matters, etc. carp pituitary, luteinizing cathartic interior secretion,(LH-RH).

Fish farming may be a smart enterprise to venture into. However, some preparations need to be created. You need to have a good feasibility study on fish farming before going into it, regardless of how small the ranch could be .It’s intelligent to organize the key stuff you need and it is to have the correct feasibility study on fish farming. You furthermore might need to be knowledgeable about feasibility study on fish farming that you must have some one of experience advising you.

If you can not do the training all by yourself then you get somebody knowledgeable about the feasibility study on fish farming and make that individual your manager. Fish farming is like cultivating a crop, you’re about to farm the fish.

In farming the fish any thing you put in is what you get out of it, and in farming a fish, you need to feed that fish very appropriately, give medication, the fish should sleep in a really fine place and stuff like that.

I advise that before one can go into it, one ought to get the data of fish farming though it’s a 1 week course to grab the fundamental things considering the business.

Feasibility study on fish farming In Nigeria
Your should identically find out about the behavioural pattern of persons who work for you yo, or else you’ll come back to the farm and the individual starts telling you stories

It is one issue to train and another thing to possess the adeptness you need and be eager to try and do that which is very significant and should be able to think properly.

 Feasibility study on fish farming

The feasibility study is updated before we send it to you.
Here is what we provide -

* Provide you with an exclusive plan; not found in anywhere else.
* Renew the plan to reflect present economic state not those of years ago!
* Use unique information from sector experts, accountants  and trade associations to ensure the plan is current.
* Use information from successful companies including tips and industry secrets so that you can grow your business successfully.
* Tell you how you can get new customers, and keep the ones you already have, in the current complicated economic situation.

Feasibility study on fish farming In Nigeria

Present Situation of aquaculture in Nigeria
Aquaculture Production in Nigeria
Aquaculture Policy Environment at National and State Levels
Success potential
Skills and abilities for success
Production feasibility

Product description
Financial projections
Competitors marketing analysis
Proposed Marketing Strategy

Operational Details and Structure
Machinery/Equipment Requirements, housing, drugs and feeding
Raw materials and sources

Personnel requirement
Organization structure

Mathematical formula for catfish cost production in Nigeria
Capital/initial Cost
Pre-Operating Expenses

The Cost production of 50,000 fingerlings Hatchery unit and expected returns (the cost of feed, cost of fingerlings, survival rates and sale price of the catfish) in a year

The Cost production of 50,000 Grow-out pond unit and expected returns (the cost of feed, cost of fingerlings, survival rates and sale price of the catfish) in a year

The Cost production of 50,000 smoked fish and expected returns (the cost of smoking, weight after smoking, and price of smoked fish)

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